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Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is the permanent removal of a problematic nail/piece of nail and it sounds much worse than it really is!

After initially undergoing a medical assessment (usually undertaken at your routine appointment) we will discuss all the treatment options available to you and explain in more detail what nail surgery entails.

Essentially, the surgery first involves us numbing the toe using a local anaesthetic injection to the base of the toe. Once numb, you can feel pressure and movement, but no pain (don’t worry, we do check first!). We then apply a tight band (tourniquet) to prevent any bleeding and the problem nail/piece of nail is removed and the area is treated with a chemical (sodium hydroxide) to prevent it from regrowing. There is no cutting or stitching involved. After this, the tourniquet is removed and the toe is dressed with a sterile dressing which is quite bulky, but it will be redressed in a few days time with a smaller dressing. Nail Surgery has a 90-95% success rate.

After the surgery, you are back on your feet straight away, but we do advise reduced activity for the initial 2 weeks, so as to encourage healing.

Complete healing normally takes four to ten weeks.

If you are brave enough and would like to see how we do the nail surgery, please watch the video below which is linked to our YouTube channel. Please note that other professions and countries may undertake the surgery in different ways. The video attached is how you can expect your surgery to be undertaken at Ashton Foot Clinic.

Advantages of Nail Surgery

  • You will get less pain and discomfort from the toe.
  • You will have less risk of infection to the toe, once you have healed from the surgery.
  • You will be able to wear a wider choice of footwear.

When you have Nail Surgery with us, the price includes the Surgery, a Dressing Pack and up to 3 follow up appointments.




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